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Walk Don't Run(1966) Images

Walk Don't Run was released in the year 1966。Walk Don't Run is also called as Skynda långsamt grabben, mand!, Skynd dig langsomt, Rien ne sert de courir, mein Junge, Nicht so schnell, älä juokse, Kävele, nie biegnij, Idz, Cammina non correre, no corras, Camina, Apartamento para tres

Cary Grant arrives in Tokyo early during Olympic week. With no hotel rooms anywhere, he pulls a card from the embassy bulletin board and talks his way into Samantha Eggar's flat. Later finding Jim Hutton, an architecture student and olympic athlete (who always avoids any identification of his event) who also has no room, he sublets his part of her apartment to Hutton and then tries to play match maker to the two of them.

Walk Don't Run Actors and Actresses

Walk Don't Run actors and actresses include Cary Grant, George Takei, Miiko Taka

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