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Wannabe (2005/II) was released in the year 1998。

In New York City during a drug party in the late 1960s, a wannabe Warhol starlet named 'Ann' becomes a legend when her murder is caught on home movie. Chelsea, August of 1969,a slumming Southern Belle and her two visiting sorority friends are throwing a party in the hope that Andy Warhol will make an appearance. In his stead, a few Warhol bottom feeders arrive. The lowliest hanger-on, Ann, arrives on the arm of her abusive boyfriend, Silver George, a notorious amphetamine fiend. As soon as Ann arrives, she falls under the rabid eye of Rotten Rita, an insidious drug dealer and sadist. Silver George abandons Ann in his pursuit of new female conquests. After some obligatory drug use and gossip, Silver seduces the pregnant and married, sorority sister of the hostess. Ann, oblivious to her surroundings, sits at the foot of the bed, reading of Sharon Tate's fate. As Ann pops pills and downs Tall Boy beers, her boyfriend rapes the unconscious sorority girl. Gradually, the partygoers fall into a drugged slumber. Except for Rotten Rita and Ann. Ann, in need of her fix, rummages through Silver George's pockets and with her stolen, crumpled bills stumbles into Rotten Rita's waiting arms. Rotten Rita gently cradles Ann as he carefully prepares her syringe, and overdoses her. His mission of mercy complete, Rotten Rita holds Ann and waits for the others to find her dead body. One by one the guests huddle around the body. It is finally decided that a bath will revive Ann, and so she is laid to rest, floating in the tub. This having failed, it is decided that Ann should be injected with mother's milk. When this proves likewise futile, Ann is stripped to her undergarments and laid in wake amongst the drugs and empty beer cans on the coffee table. The guests leave the problem of Ann to her boyfriend, and return to their blissful, heroin induced sleep. Silver George drags Ann's body onto the fire escape, where he suspects some kind stranger will find her or she will simply dissipate. Silver George leaves the Southern Belle and Factory regulars to solve the riddle of the girl whose face they can't quite place.

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