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War of the Buttons(1994) Images

War of the Buttons was released in the year 1994。War of the Buttons is also called as Guerre des boutons, ça recommence, Knappkriget, Krieg der Knöpfe, Nappien tähden

The children of Ballydowse and Carrickdowse engage in battles where they cut of the buttons, shoe-laces and underwear of their captured opponents. This is to get the boys in trouble with their parents. They go to battle in mass groups of dozens, throwing stones and cutting off their opponents buttons etc. And sometimes they go to battle completely naked and exposed. In one such scene about 30 boys return from a battle to celebrate victory at a barn-house only to find some girls waiting for them and they get very embarrassed at losing their privacy.

War of the Buttons Actors and Actresses

War of the Buttons actors and actresses include Colm Meaney

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