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When Worlds Collide(1951) Images

When Worlds Collide was released in the year 1951。When Worlds Collide is also called as Q, Quando Dois Mundos Colidem, Maailman sortuessa, Flykten från jorden, Fim do Mundo, Cuando los mundos chocan, Botsing der planeten, Jüngste Tag, Choc des mondes

What would happen if a rogue planet flew into our solar system and slammed into the Earth? That question is answered in this classic sci-fi tale. An astronomer discovers an object that has just entered the solar system. His calculations show him it's big and headed straight for the Earth. The only problem is convincing the rest of the world. This top notch sci-fi shows humanity at its best and worst.

When Worlds Collide Actors and Actresses

When Worlds Collide actors and actresses include Barbara Rush, Hayden Rorke

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