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Wishful Thinking(1997) Images

Wishful Thinking was released in the year 1997。Wishful Thinking is also called as Relaciones modernas, Piensa en mí, Elizabeth si ceilalti, Coisas de Casais, Älä unta nää

A story told from three angles. Max meets Elizabeth; they live together, but when she talks of marriage, he balks. He becomes extremely jealous, probably without cause, and thinks she's taken up with a friend of his, Jack. Elizabeth, stung by Max's refusal to marry, catches Jack's eye, but the friendship seems innocent. Lena, who works with Max, likes him and realizes she can manipulate his jealousy and maybe engineer his split from Elizabeth. When she's sure Elizabeth is with a man, she calls Max at work, sending him home to confront the lovers. Then, Lena feels guilty and takes off for Max's apartment. What's really going on? Who's with Elizabeth?

Wishful Thinking Actors and Actresses

Wishful Thinking actors and actresses include James LeGros, Jon Stewart, Mel Gorham

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