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Wishmaster was released in the year 1997。Wishmaster is also called as Amo de los deseos (Wishmaster), Senhor dos Desejos, Senyor dels desitjos, Wes Craven's Wishmaster, Wishmaster - il signore dei desideri

In the beginning of time, two forms of life were first created. One were the Angels and the other were the Djinn, a race of beings bent on humanity's destruction and ruling Earth. But the Djinn can only take over when one of their own grants three wishes to the person who wakes him. And the Djinn has a way to turn one's wildest dreams into their worst nightmare. In 1997, when a statue carrying the jewel that holds a Djinn hostage is destroyed, a young gemologist (Tammy Lauren) accidently wakes the Djinn (Andrew Divoff) and releases him into the world where he can complete his hellish mission. But can she figure out the perfect wish that will banish the Djinn forever and save humanity?

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