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Witchwise was released in the year 2006。

Everyone adores Andrew, including his old Aunt Mary. Rather, she did... until she died. Now, standing at her funeral, his Aunt's casket open before him, Andrew reflects on the last time he saw Mary alive, as well as the shocking, secret chain of events that led to her death: While raking leaves outside his Aunt's house, Andrew hears a thunderclap overhead, followed by a flash of light. Only the sun is shining bright, not a cloud in the sky. The light came from the upstairs window and curious Andrew just has to find out the source. But first he has to deal with Aunt Mary, a doting old lady Andrew believes has everybody fooled. He suspects her of hiding great power and aims to uncover her secret. As he tip-toes around the house, up the steep staircase and into his old Aunt's bedroom, Andrew shows he's up to the task. What follows is a frenzied search through a spooky old house where magic is discovered and unleashed, a frail old woman is revealed to be a being of great, enviable power and a little boy thought innocent by all is proven to be anything but. Is Andrew's Aunt Mary a witch? What's the source of her power? And, most importantly, how can he make it his? WITCHWISE is a swirling tale of horror and magic, murder and vengeance in which one bad little boy learns an important lesson- Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

Witchwise Actors and Actresses

Witchwise actors and actresses include Spencer Daniels

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