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Zebrahead was released in the year 1992。Zebrahead is also called as The Colour of Love, Fronteiras Raciais, Conflicto en Detroit

This is a Romeo and Juliet type tale based in Detroit, Michigan. Two young men, Zack, a white teen accused of "acting black" and Dee, an African American teen, defy racial lines and form a strong friendship. When Zack begins dating Dee's cousin Nikki, his white friends presume he's seeing her because of sexual stereotypes about black women, while her black friends can't believe her interest in him. Additional conflict is added when Nut, a local black gang-banger pursues Nikki for himself and undisguised but contained racial tensions in their respective neighborhoods and the high school they all attend erupt in violence.

Zebrahead Actors and Actresses

Zebrahead actors and actresses include Alberta Watson, Candy Ann Brown, Jon Seda, N'Bushe Wright

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