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Zèbre, Le was released in the year 1992。Zèbre, Le is also called as Zebra, The Oddball, Marido Louco, 'N te gekke vent

Can one ensure immortal love? Hippolyte, an eccentric notary, sees his marriage to Camille as his one great success. He also believes that love doesn't last, and this flummoxes him as they approach their 15th anniversary. To test her love for him, he promotes her seduction by an anonymous stranger, behaves badly to guests, makes love clumsily, sleeps in the guest room. All this breaks her spirit, and she asks him to move. It's devastating to Hippolyte, Camille, and their two sweet children, but he persists; he can't seem to shake this humour. Then, they reconcile and depart on a second honeymoon. Is this a renewal of domestic bliss or a an interlude in Hippolyte's mad design?

Zèbre, Le Actors and Actresses

Zèbre, Le actors and actresses include Thierry Lhermitte

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